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Backlinks and WordPress Blog Themes

wordpress backlinks

What is a backlink?

A backlink is a form of recognition of the importance of one website by other websites. It simply means your URL address is being referred to by other websites. Your URL address may be printed visible to the readers or something embedded in any of the words or texts inside a web page. Over time, your website is supposed to establish backlinks from other websites as an indicator of your increasing popularity and importance in the worldwide web.

Backlinks add value to your web pages. This value is recognized by search engines helping push up your rank for certain keywords in their database. When your web page rank rises, traffic to your web page coming from search engines tends to increase. Traffic is guaranteed when your rank rises to the top ten. Every website owner works hard to generate traffic because without traffic you are bound to fail online even if you have the best content in the world.

It used to be easy to raise the rank of your web page by creating as many backlinks as you can, regardless of relevance and where they are coming from. Recently, the rules changed. Google led the change by changing their algorithm on web page ranking, which included giving more value on the quality backlinks rather than quantity.

What is a quality backlink?

A quality backlink is a link coming from a website with high page rank and from a website with content relevant to your own content. Relevance of content and the rank of the referring websites are now given primary importance to determine the quality of the backlink. You can also aim for quantity after you address the issue of relevance and the rank of referring websites. But quality is your first consideration before you aim for quantity.

Using WordPress blog themes

There are many ways to build these needed backlinks depending on your preferences, the amount of time you can give and the level of skills you have. One easy way that you can explore is to use WordPress blog themes.

There are now millions of WordPress blogs in the internet, all of which use a “theme” to organize these blogs. Many of these themes are provided free by some people in exchange for the backlink at the bottom of the theme. You can take advantage of this method by assembling your own set of themes to give away and build the backlinks through the hundreds of blogs that will use your themes. Your backlink is automatically featured every time one of these themes is used.

You can easily assemble these themes from unrestricted PLR WordPress blog themes available in the market, brand them as your own using software tools and distribute them freely. This is a very simple solution that gives you free traffic and high rank in search engines with minimal effort.