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Class and Object

What’s a Class ?

A class describes all the attributes of objects, as well as the methods that implement the
behavior of member objects. It’s a comprehensive data type which represents a blue print
of objects. It’s a template of object.

 What’s an Object ?
It is a basic unit of a system. An object is an entity that has attributes, behavior, and
identity. Objects are members of a class. Attributes and behavior of an object are defined
by the class definition.

What is the relation between Classes and Objects ?

They look very much same but are not same. Class is a definition, while object is a
instance of the class created. Example we have class Bike which has attributes and methods like Speed,
Brakes etc. Class Bike is just a prototype, now we can create real time
objects which can be used to provide functionality. Example we can create a Suzuki Bike
object with 100 km speed and urgent brakes.