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WordPress Magic

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Ever since WordPress was launched in 2003, it has since grown to become one the most popular blogging and web hosting platforms on the internet. This is mainly because it uses CMS platforms, which is a better content management software than other options available in the market such as Joomla. Below are some reasons why most people prefer using this particular program.

No FTP Software or HTML Editing is required

Unlike Joomla, WordPress is a self-sufficient program that doesn’t require HTML editing software such as Dreamweaver or Adobe Contribute. You can perform various functions such as posting new pages, text formatting and uploading new images without having to use an additional FTP or HTML software.

Simple BOT code

The identification code used by WordPress is clean and very straightforward, making it simpler for search engines such as Google to read and index site content. The same cannot be said of Joomla. In addition, with CMS platforms each post, page and image can be tagged to a unique meta keyword, title or description and optimized so as to meet specific keywords. This allows for more specific search engine optimization by the user for even better traffic generation.

Built-in blog

The system comes fitted with an in-built blogging platform that’s easy to integrate. It permits for easy setup of RSS/email subscriptions to the blog, commenting functions, and automatic addition of recent blog posts to secondary pages on the site. They are also simple to put-up and can help in expanding your brand’s outreach, making the site more dynamic and interactive than those of competitors.

Customize the web design

The web design of WordPress is 100% customizable, meaning that the site actually acts as the main engine to your website. Its overall look and feel can be remodeled so as to give visitors a much better experience. This way there would be no more need to wait for a web-designer to make simple adjustments or updates to the site. You’ll have total control of each aspect on your site and be able to make necessary updates on your own.

User friendliness

WordPress is relatively easy to use compared to Joomla and has an interactive interface. Placing new pages, images and blog posts on a regular basis is easier and can be done much faster. Since the technology used is simple, time spent in formatting web pages is also greatly reduced. Similarly, WordPress is browser-based meaning that users can login from any web-connected computer to manage their site.