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Full Stack Developer

What is Full Stack Developer

What is a Full Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer is a substantial word that gaps various levels of Software development such as project management, front-end technologies, back-end technologies, etc.

Furthermore, let’s figure out the front-end and the back-end technologies on the stages of the type of programming languages/ frameworks involved in it:


  • HTML/CSS: It is a foundation of a website development process that builds a block that turns text into images, tables, and links. It’s the latest version is HTML5
  • AngularJS: It is a JavaScript that is based on an open-source systematic framework built for energetic web apps, web interfaces, and high-performance applications.
  • ReactJS: ReactJS is a flexible and fast JavaScript library maintained by social media like Facebook and Instagram which allows us to create a dynamic user experience in a well-organized manner.
  • JavaScript- It is abbreviated as JS. JS is a programming language used to define the look of HTML pages by infusing rich and interactive effects.
  • Other than the above, there are more Front-end technologies like Node.JS, VBScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, EmberJs, and Material UI as well.


  • PYTHON- It is designed to have a legible code and is well examined. The well-known framework for PYTHON is Django.
  • PHP- PHP is counted as the most popular language for web development. It is a syntax that is similar to Java. Zend Framework and Symphony are well-known frameworks for PHP.
  • Scala- It is structured to be concise. Most of its design decisions are aimed to address criticism of Java. It is object-oriented and it runs on Java.
  • Ruby- Ruby is designed to be a fun language that is often called a programmer’s best friend. The most popular framework used for Ruby is “Ruby on Rails”.
  • JS- It is a cross-platform and open-source JavaScript runtime environment that is used for computing the JavaScript code server site. It is well known to build real-time web APIs.


The popular database Management System for Web Development is MySQL.  Other than this, SQL Server and Oracle or DB2 can also be used for Database Management.