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Connect to Amazon EC2 instance using Filezilla and SFTP

  • Ubuntu

Hello, friends, this tutorial help you to know How we connect AWS EC2 instance using Filezilla and SFTP ?  First, you need to have *.pem file which you will get from AWS account.

Follow below steps to connect AWS EC2 instance

  1. Start Filezilla. Go to Preference ->Connection->SFTP
  2. Browse to the location of your .pem file and select it.
  3. A message box will appear asking permission to convert the file into PPK.
  4. Save with the same name.
  5. Host: Your public DNS name of EC-2 instance, or the public IP address of the server
  6. Username EC-2 or Ubuntu. The username you will find in connect tab.
  7. Port: 22
  8. Connect.
  9. Finish.

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