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How to Create Top Level Menu in wordpress?

Setting is a top-level menu. A top-level menu is common practice for any plugin that needs multiple option pages. To register a top – level menu, you use the add_menu_page() function.

< ?php
      add_menu_page( page_title, menu_title, capability, menu_slug, function, icon_url, position );
? >

The add_menu_page() function accepts the following parameters:

page_title — The title of the page as shown in the <title> tags
menu_title — The name of your menu displayed on the dashboard
capability — Minimum capability required to view the menu
menu_slug — Slug name to refer to the menu; should be a unique name
function : Function to be called to display the page content for the item
icon_url — URL to a custom image to use as the Menu icon
position — Location in the menu order where it should appear

< ?php
add_action( ‘admin_menu’, ‘menuexample_create_menu’ );
function menuexample_create_menu() {
//create custom top-level menu
add_menu_page( ‘My Plugin Page’, ‘Menu Example ’, ‘manage_options’, __FILE__, ‘menuexample_settings_page’, plugins_url( ‘/images/wp-icon.png’, __FILE__ ) );
? >