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PHP 7.4 New Features

By December 4, 2019April 15th, 2020PHP

PHP 7.4 release date is November 28, 2019. PHP 7.4 is a next basic release before PHP 8. PHP 7.4 comes with lots of new features. So it’s time for us to dive into some of the most exciting additions and new features that will make PHP faster and more reliable

  • PHP 7.4 brings spread operator in array expression
  • Arrow functions
  • Null Coalescing assignment operator
  • Weak References
  • Typed properties in classes
  • And more

Spread operator

Spread operator should have better performance than array_merge. That’s not only because the spread operator is a language structure while array_merge is a function, but also because of compile time optimization can be performance for constant arrays.