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Are you still using JavaScript HTML and CSS?

Are you still using JavaScript HTML and CSS? Well, its time to replace yourself! in React JS, a brainchild of the excellent team of Facebook. Let’s dig into what it is.

Today, full-stack technology is a trending a lot and React is a very important part of this technology. React JS is a JavaScript library that is open source and helps in building user interfaces mainly for single-page applications. Getting a lightweight, SEO friendly and fast loading single page app is no longer a burden with using React JS. Web apps built with React are not only fully functional, but also visually appealing.

Get in touch with an efficient and trusted team and avail the benefits of interactive UI, native mobile app development, the custom component along with many other things.

Why Choose ReactJS?

Looking for options to build simple, scalable, and fast web applications? Opt for React only to avail the best services. Why? Read on.

  • Easy Learning Curve

You already have the basic knowledge to work with CSS and HTML? Relax. Then it will not be difficult for you to learn this new technology. This language mainly deals only with the view layer. it’s not that easy to learn. Hence, with a comparatively easier and faster learning curve, this language is very popular among developers all over the world.

  • Clean Abstraction

This is one of the great features of React JS. You don’t have to follow or learn any special architecture (like MVVM or MVC) to create a new application using this language. Easily understand component lifecycles, fixtures, and states. and you can easily master React JS language to get your work done. Build the application architecture the way you want it.

  • Reusable Components

Components are like Lego bricks, and React JS is a component-based language. Each part of the components works according to its own internal logic. How do developers benefit from this? Well, this approach allows you to reuse those components. Code reuse too.Now that developers can reuse the code base, it becomes extremely easy not only to maintain the codes, but also to extend them.

  • Data Binding

This language uses a special FLUX architecture to control the flow of data to the components through a single point of control called the dispatcher. Debugging all standalone components of large ReactJS applications becomes easier with the help of this one-way data binding capability.

It’s really not possible to mention all the fascinating features in this short span of time. However, aside from all the compelling reasons above, ReactJS is simple, powerful, uses the native approach, has great tools for testing applications, and more. So if you are planning to build a top-notch single page or a large app, you can go for this development platform.

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