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WordPress Or Blogspot? Find Out Which One to Choose!

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So you have decided to begin blogging but are uncertain which blog platform would be the best for you? In this article I’m going to explain which of the two can be the best solution for your needs, be it WordPress or Blogspot .

Nowadays the most used is WordPress, but that’s all depends on the point of view since there are thousands of new bloggers choosing Blogspot over WordPress simply because Blogspot is free and more customizable than the free version of WordPress.

Even thus offers you some themes that you can use there isn’t much you can do to personalize it or use a theme you found online on your blog, since they do not allow you to upload themes nor plugins, so that’s why Blogspot win the heart of new bloggers because you can easily find a theme online or design your own (if you have the coding / web-design skills) and use it freely!

Now if you want to be serious on blogging you must have in mind the long run, and in this case it would be better if you sign up with a hosting provider and get a domain name for your blog since it would look more professional. Not that free blogs are unprofessional since what makes a blog it’s its author and not the layout our if it is free or whatnot. But on my own experience I have found out that if you have your own domain you have more respect and of course more control over your website since you can upload themes, plugins and you don’t take the chance of having your blog shut down out of the blue as it happens with the free services!

If you are just willing to have a “hobby blog” just to post your thoughts or to be in touch with your friends / colleagues than you would feel better by choosing Blogspot instead of WordPress, since it is really simple and doesn’t require too much work to set up. You only have to have a Google Account and to choose the title and URL of your new blog, after that, all you have to do is begin to share your thoughts!

For serious blogging you would be better with the WordPress since it would give you total control over your blog and therefore you could and should personalize it the way you want with tons of plugins and free themes available on the world wide web!

As I said on the beginning of this article, the choice within WordPress or BlogSpot it’s just a matter of what you need, if you want prestige and respect online go with WordPress on your own hosting account.