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Why Laravel PHP MVC Framework is the good


Ask Jasper to write an introduction to any topic, ask for bullet points for your next idea. All this while typing on the same page. Check out the Jasper Boss Mode Show to see more! According to Google Trends, Laravel is the best used PHP MVC framework. It’s a free and open source Laravel PHP MVC framework and has taken the web world by storm.

Laravel is considered the best PHP framework and allows you to create large and complex web applications. All you need is a text editor and a PHP installation to get started. Laravel speeds up the development process and offers very secure authentication tools and dynamic usage anywhere. It’s not like those ecommerce frameworks or CMS that cater to your specific needs.

But Laravel is an all-rounder. With the help of this framework, you can code and create a perfectly working CMS or eCommerce web application.

Security: It offers you some important things that make your application safe. For example, ORM uses PDO and this prevents SQL injections. Laravel uses salted password hashing, which means the password is never stored in the database in plain text. When creating an encrypted password, the script hash algorithm is used.

Modular: The Laravel PHP Framework is designed on 20+ distinctive Object Oriented libraries, which are not present in any other PHP framework like CodeIgniter, CakePHP,  Symfony, Zend Framework 2 and Phalcon. This allows you and developers to create responsive, useful and modular web apps.

Unit-Testing:Another reason why Laravel is so popular with designers and programmers. We know that testing is a crucial element for any future application, it is available to end users. It provides facilities for unit testing and ensures that new updates from designers do not break anything in the application during various tests.

Built-In Tools: This amazing PHP framework comes with many built-in resources that are not available in other popular PHP frameworks. Some of these resources include routing, validation, caching, etc.

Supports MVC Architecture: Remember that transparency between business logic and presentation is crucial in development. Laravel is based on MVC Architecture and has many built-in features, MVC increases performance and provides better documentation. This architecture helps improve performance, improve documentation, and has many built-in features.


we can only say that Laravel is the best framework in the industry. It offers various advantages in developing applications and web designs quickly and easily. This framework is really effective and promising and has created many opportunities. If you hire a Laravel development company, you should look at the company’s past work and also check customer feedback.

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