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Why We Need WordPress Website Backup and Restore

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In today’s global world we are completely dependent on the internet, so it is very important that we are able to backup, restore and restore easily. Therefore, here we will essentially discuss how to backup, restore, and restore WordPress websites.

How To Backup Your WordPress Site

Backup means you save your WordPress site and in case of problem and get things back to normal. It is very important to back up the website and restore it as it will protect you from losing everything.

How to Restore WordPress from Backup

Sometimes you are working on your website, but it is no longer working properly or has been hacked. You may want to roll back the site to a previous version. Restoring your website can be quite difficult. That’s why we offer WordPress support services to restore manually or with the help of the best WordPress backup plugins. It totally depends on how you made the backup.

Many users do not back up all of their websites. It is also important when moving a WordPress site to a new host, server or domain. Instead they just back up your design, upload directory and your database. This minimizes the size of the backup but increases the number of steps required to restore the site.

When are backups necessary?

  • If a WordPress/plugin/theme upgrade causes a breaks your website.
  • If you’re website gets hacked and your database or files get corrupted see our guide: Fix your hacked WordPress site.
  • In case your hosting account gets hacked and all your files and database are negotiated.
  • In case you decide to move hosting companies.

Popular WordPress backup plugin

  1. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin
  2. Duplicator WordPress Migration Plugin
  3. BackUpWordPress
  4. BackWPup Free
  5. WP-DB-Backup

These are some popular WordPress website backup and restore plugin.


After all above discussion we can say that, we can easily backup, restore and recover our website. it the above blog we discussed how can we backup, restore and recover our WordPress site.

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